Fundraiser for 
Elementary Schools

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The Bounce Craze Wiggle Room, LLC.​
phone: 708-357-9634

How Does This Fundraiser Work


(Available October - April)
Holiday's Excluded

  1. School identifies a date and time for Family Fun Night.Request a weeknight (Mon-Thur) for your event. Two weeks advance notice is suggested to ensure your date is available. Only authorized school personnel or PTA/PTO representatives can book this fundraiser.      
  2. The Bounce Craze Wiggle Room, LLC. sets up multiple (3-5) inflatable jumpy houses/slides in school gymnasium for flat fee of $360. School will provide electricity and volunteers to oversee the kids at play.                                                         
  3. School advertises and promotes the fun night. School sells advance tickets or charges admission fee for parents and students to enter the Jumpy House Fundraiser Fun Night.

Your kids will have a great time playing in the school gymnasium with active play equipment provided by The Bounce Craze Wiggle Room, LLC.  This indoor fundraiser features inflatable slides, and the bounce houses kids love. Our fundraiser parties offer a fun adventure and an easy opportunity to increase funds for the school. 


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