How much do inflatables cost?

The Wiggle Room strives to meet your needs at the most affordable pricing. Inflatables packages vary so exact pricing can only occur as we identify your specific needs. Click on Rental Prices. Discounts are available for multiple rentals. 

Can I cancel my rental?

Yes. You can cancel your rental within 48 hours of your scheduled event. Your deposit will be placed toward a future rental. If no party is rescheduled within 30 days, you forfit your deposit. Please be aware of weather predictions. If The Wiggle Room deems that wind and weather are unsafe for party rental, cancellations and rescheduling will be allowed. No refunds or rescheduling will be allowed after the bounce house is setup. THE BOUNCE HOUSE MUST NOT BE USED WHEN THE WINDS EXCEED 25 MPH. When raining, the bounce house can become very slippery and dangerous when wet. Once the rain stops the customer can dry the unit with towels. Once it is dry, the unit is safe to use. Blowers can NEVER get wet. 

Are The Bounce Craze Wiggle Room, LLC. Inflatables Insured?

Yes, The Wiggle Room, Inc. is fully insured. Proof of Insurance can be provided at Renter's request.

cost estimate .13/hour

Generators should be at least 2000 watts.  
17amps x 115 volts= 1955 watts----start up
7amps  x 115 volts= 805 watts---continuous run

How does the bounce house stay inflated?

All bounce houses are inflated with a fully enclosed blower motor. The blower must stay on the entire time the bounce house is being used. The blower is designed so that no moving parts are exposed. The blower unit must be within 100 ft of an electrical outlet.

How Much Room

Do I Need?

The smallest units are approximately 15 x 15 feet. The larger units require 40 x 40 feet of space. 

What hours are available for rental?

Inflatables are available 7 days a week. All units rent for 4-8 hours. 

Who sets up the inflatable?

A Wiggle Room employee or representative will sets up and take down all units.

How much power/voltage is need to run the inflatable?

Inflatables need to be connected

to a dedicated outlet. (Nothing

else plugged in) We recommend

a 20 amp circuit. 
Most blowers run at 115 volts at 7.0 amps. (up to 17 amps at start-up).  

Why would I need a mandatory attendant?

Inflatable equipment can be dangerous if not properly watched.  Attendants make sure the size and number of children are meeting equipment standards. Attendants keep constant check on the electrical and blower connections to ensure the safety of your children. 

Can the inflatable be used indoors?

Yes. Our units can be setup inside and outside. You will need to have adequate ceiling height to accommodate the unit. Usually 16 feet is required. The unit must not be too near hot lights. Vents or any fire hazard. Most commercial halls or gymnasiums are fine. Weights will be used to secure indoor setups. Stakes are used for outdoor setups.